Brand of the Month – Laura Orchant

Print-lovers, this one’s for you. Laura Orchant has landed at Stanwells with the most beautiful prints you will ever see, and we’re so excited to show you the new season collection.

Laura Orchant is the queen of print design, famous for her collections of stunning luxury designer scarves that she designs by hand. Made using only the finest silks and super soft modal blends, Laura Orchant women’s printed scarves are unrivalled in their beauty and quality, and her new SS18 collection is steeped in both.

Believe it or not, Laura’s thriving business actually began before she even left college. Together with her friend and business partner, Rebecca Lewis, Laura had drawn up a business plan for her scarf design venture during her final year studying fashion design at Ravensbourne College in London; an incredibly impressive feat, we think you’ll agree.

Drawing her inspirations from the natural world around her, Laura begins by drawing her intricate designs by hand, before scanning and digitally manipulating them. Since launching her business, Laura has gone on to design some very special scarves, including a range for the Rolling Stones, and will soon be releasing a collection for Take That.

Want to see something pretty? Here are our favourite picks from the new collection of Laura Orchant accessories here at Stanwells:

The Athena’s Garden Scarf in Green Modal Blend

Athena Scarf

Vivid greens and blues dazzle the eyes in this stunning scarf themed around Athena’s Garden. As the Goddess of Wisdom and the creator of the olive tree, this is how Laura Orchant imagines Athena’s Garden would look, with vibrant green leaves and vivid florals.

Aside from the peacock-pretty colour scheme, this beautiful rectangular scarf is made with a super soft modal blend fabric, making it feel wonderful against the skin.

Perfect for tying at the neck during the last few chilly evenings of spring and just as beautiful when used as a light shoulder wrap over the summer months, the Athena’s Garden scarf is one of our absolute favourites in this collection.

The Dizzy Daisy Print Silk Scarf in Yellow

Remember those seemingly endless summer days sitting in parks making daisy chains as children? Those sunny memories are all wrapped up in this gorgeous Dizzy Daisy silk scarf. Perfect for the new spring/summer season, this scarf is made from 100% pure silk, giving it a truly luxurious, lightweight feel. This is one of Laura Orchant’s many classic square scarf designs, easy to drape around the neck and add a burst of garden-inspired colour to any new season outfit.

Butterfly Kiss Print Scarf in Pink Modal Blend

Butterfly Pink Scarf

This truly is summer in a scarf. The vibrant pinks, greens, blues and golden yellows of the Butterfly Kiss print scarf conjure up images of bright summer gardens, where the butterflies dance across the flowers on sunny afternoons. The soft, lightweight modal fabric blend is ideal for both the spring and summer months, and looks especially fabulous when contrasted with white or black outfits. Whether tied at the neck or draped over the shoulders, this stunning scarf is bound to attract admiring attention every time you wear it.

We picked out these three beautiful scarves with great difficulty, as the entire Laura Orchant accessories collection is simply to die for. Laura’s creations are truly the height of luxury designer scarves; you won’t find designs like this from any other label.

If you want to know more about this incredibly talented designer (and why wouldn’t you?) then watch this space. We’re running a special Q&A with the lovely lady herself very soon, where she’ll be telling us all about how she creates these wonderfully unique printed scarves.

Until then, enjoy the collection!


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