Up Your Skincare Game with Cosmydor

Fresh from the streets of Paris, Cosmydor has been creating natural, luxurious skincare products since 1877. Crafted using 100% natural active ingredients with no chemicals whatsoever, it’s just as good for the environment as it is for your skin. This is reflected in their “no packaging” policy using only glass containers and the bare minimum of cardboard packaging – does this sacrifice the style you might ask? Definitely not! Cosmydor products also make great gifts for your loved ones so share the love with our selection of bath & body products…

1. Essential Care Moisturising Hand Creams

A true everyday essential, no handbag should ever be without Cosmydor’s silky soft hand creams whether it be Tonka, Lavender or Orange. Rich with natural active ingredients and oils to deeply moisturise and hydrate the skin and packaged in an aluminium tube designed to be as eco-friendly as possible. Take a look at our selection of the brands fabulous essential care moisturisers here and treat yourself or someone you love.

2. Cold Processed Solid Soaps

Perfect for adding some style to your bathroom, Cosmydor’s cold processed solid soaps are abundant with natural ingredients and essential oils that will deeply nourish and clean your skin. Handcrafted using traditional methods, these soap bars are gentle enough to use on fragile skin to help heal and moisturise. Choose from a range of stunning fragrances including lavender, geranium and rose.

3. Artisinal Face and Hand Liquid Soaps

Rich with essential oils, Cosmydor’s liquid soaps are deeply cleansing and perfect for everyday use. Packaged in stunning glass bottles, they are as environmentally friendly as they are skin friendly. With a choice of two delicious fragrances: Rose Musk & Bitter Orange or Borage Vegetable Oil & Ylang Ylang to leave your skin feeling clean and healthy.

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