Stay cool, Italian style in 120% Lino…

120% Lino is a hero label for Stanwells Boutiques, this luxury Italian
design label has been adorning our rails for more than a decade. The
reason why our customers love to buy 120% Lino year after year is
because it is perfection personified – easy to wear with a beautiful cut
and exquisite stitching detail, each piece simply falls into place and feels
wonderful on.
The Bolognian designer behind the label, Alberto Peretto, sought his
inspiration from a crumpled linen jacket on a rail at Camden Market, he
took his dreams back to Italy and so the label was born. With
sustainability such a hot topic these days and linen one of the oldest
natural fabrics in the world – over a thousand years old, it is easy to
understand why 120% Lino continues to evoke timeless elegance,
transporting us effortlessly from one season to next.

With a natural colour pallet and soft organic feel of the fabric the very
essence of each piece is apparel perfection. Cool, effortless chic, easy
to wear, lightweight, breathable and bang on trend, 120% Lino has our
style stakes nailed and this is why we salute each season with the arrival
of our hero label.

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