Say It With a Slogan from Maison Labiche

Parisian label, Maison Labiche was founded in 2010 by designers Jenny Richard and  Jean-Baptiste Richard. Maison Labiche now has a cult following for its super-chic embroidered tees, shirts, sweaters and separates. With its whimsical French style and fun logos, Maison Labiche is worn by fashion lovers around the world and has become a wardrobe staple for many. Always a popular brand at Stanwells for the last few years, Maison Labiche is loved for its simplistic, Parisian fun style.
New slogans on the classic tees for spring ’19 that are sure to be a hit are are ‘ The Boss’ and ‘Bubblegum’. Shirts in pastel stripes featuring ‘Paradis’ on the front and plain cotton shirts with green palm tress embroidered on the collar are great with jeans and a blazer for early spring dressing.
The now famous striped sailor tops are always a summer favourite in royal blue with an ‘Amour’ embroidered logo and the pink and blue stripes returns this season with the ever popular ‘Oo La La’ logo and is sure to be a hit!

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