Nasomatto: Scents that break the mould

Characterised by its bold, playful and luxurious nature Nasomatto perfume is for the risk taker, with fragrances that blur the lines between masculine and feminine. Created in 2007, the brand has since established itself amongst the world’s leading perfumes thanks to its quirky branding and sublime scents; not surprising since the nose behind it is Alessandro Gualtieri, an Italian perfumer who has created scents for Versace, Valentino, Helmut Lang, Fendi and more.

With the festive season fast approaching and panic starting to set in, why not treat yourself or a loved one to one of the nine fragrances Nasomatto has to offer? With deep, rich scents of tobacco and oud juxtaposing against clean citrus and floral notes, it could get confusing when searching for the right one – that’s where we come in. Here is our carefully curated guide to Nasomatto perfumes, here to help you choose the perfect scent this Christmas:

Black Afgano

Notes: Tobacco, coffee, wood, oud.

A firm Stanwells favourite, Black Afgano is abundant with deep notes of wood and oud creating a stunningly rich fragrance that lasts for hours on the skin. With top notes of coffee and tobacco, this fragrance aims to evoke the best quality of hashish to give a quirky, illicit scent. Perfect for evening wear, Black Afgano’s androgynous nature will suit any wearer, male or female.


Notes: Jasmine, bergamot, smoke.

The newest addition to the Nasomatto family, Nudiflorum is bursting with fresh floral notes of jasmine and bergamot contrasted with richer undertones of smoke. The perfect unique feminine fragrance that will stand the test of time. Take this fragrance from day to night with ease thanks to its delicate nature.


Notes: Musk, amber, rose, whiskey, wood.

A rich yet sweet scent bursting with bold undertones of wood and musk. Delicate top notes include rose and whiskey, creating a distinguished and unique balance of masculine and feminine notes. The lighter, sweeter notes reveal themselves as time goes by to leave a long lasting fragrance that’s sure to grab people’s attention.


Notes: Musk, birch, leather, white woods.

This complex fragrance is abundant with pale woody notes contrasted beautifully with deeper tones of musk and leather to create a powerful scent inspired by nature. Packaged in a quirky bottle with a silver birch inspired top, this fragrance makes a stunning gift, perfect for Christmas.

China White

Notes: Wood, musk, rose, powder, floral.

Indulge your senses with this floral, powdery scent that settles on the skin beautifully thanks to the deeper woody base notes. This soft, mesmerising mix of light and dark has created a complex feminine scent that makes the perfect gift for others or as a treat for yourself.


Notes: Leather, spices, wood.

Perhaps one of the most festive scents thanks to the delicate use of spices, this perfume takes a turn towards the deep and indulgent. Heavy base notes of leather and wood ooze masculinity whilst the clean crisp edge of spices lifts this fragrance to a lighter more feminine scent.

Narcotic V

Notes: Tuberose, jasmine, lily, spices.

The most feminine of all, Narcotic V is made for the elegant woman who prefers lighter, floral notes. With extracts of tuberose, jasmine and lily, this delicate nectar lasts for hours on the skin as the layers of sweetness reveal themselves over time.


Notes: Magnolia, cinnamon, tonka bean, dark chocolate, sandalwood.

A delicately balanced rich fragrance that evokes notes of masculinity through the use of sandalwood and tonka bean, contrasted with the lighter tones of magnolia and cinnamon. Bursting with delectable, sweet ingredients this fragrance is perfect for the festive party season.

Silver Musk

Notes: Musk, white wood, metallic.

A soft, clean scent that embodies freshness and lightness, the perfect neutral fragrance for everyday wear. With stunning undertones of musk balanced cleverly with pale metallic notes, Silver Musk is an effortlessly chic perfume that’s sure to suit everyone’s taste.

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