Holiday Packing Checklist: Stanwells Top 5 Tips

At Stanwells, we love a holiday. Picking your destination… Choosing the perfect hotel… The buzz of the buildup to departure… And of course – the all important holiday shopping!

One thing we don’t look forward to however, is packing. The endless checklists, the worrying about what you might have forgot, the squeezing of everything into a suitcase that you’re sure has shrunk since you bought it.

Ultimately, it’s something that most people dread and leave until the very last minute.  That’s why we’ve compiled some packing tips on how to avoid suitcase stressing in summer 2018!

#1 – Settle on the Right Suitcase


Finding the right luggage is the first important step in how to pack a suitcase. You’ll want to find something that is lightweight (nobody wants to be perspiring before you’ve even left the airport) yet roomy enough for as many belongings as possible.

A suitcase with wheels is always a bonus, while the added benefit of picking something that is as distinguishable as it is stylish can be a godsend when scanning the inevitable skirmish at luggage collection for your case.

#2 – Construct a Colour Scheme


Deciding on a general colour scheme is a big tick on the holiday checklist. Pick out some of your favourite pieces and coordinate them with your brand new holiday clothes.

In doing so, you’ll be able to mix-match items and outfits with ease, lessening the overall load of your luggage in the process. Accessories are also a fantastic means of freshening up any items of clothing that you may have already worn, and have the added bonus of taking up minimal space on your holiday packing list.

#3 – Layout Your Luggage

Flat Lay

The rule is: layout what you think you need to take – then half it.

Okay, so maybe halving might be a little extreme and hard to follow, but you get the jist! We’re all suckers for sprawling out a whole load of clothes that we don’t need, so it’s time to get ruthless with your list of things to take on holiday.

#4 – Pack with Precision

Take clothing that you know you’ll wear (and that you can mix-match… See #2!) and only the most essential items. Many products or at least alternatives of can be bought on arrival, so do your research and pack economically!

It’s also a great idea to wear any heavier clothing during the journey. The likes of hoodies take up a fair amount of space – but they’re incredibly comfy – so why not wear them on the plane?

If you’re lucky enough to visit a country with a hotter climate, you’ll have the added bonus of being able to enjoy lighter clothing.

Brands such as Perseverance London and Mes Demoiselles offer some fantastic outfit options that are both incredibly easy to squeeze into your holiday packing and likely to crease less.

#5 – Roll – Don’t Fold!

Rolling your clothes rather than folding them maximises space in your case, while it also minimising creases. It’s time to forget folding as a thing of the past!

T-shirts are incredibly easy to fold, as are accessories such as our stylish Helen Kaminski hats. Given their structure, you can also stuff the likes of socks and sunglasses into your hats too, saving even more room in the process!

Have you found our handy holiday checklist helpful? Is there anything that we’ve forget?

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Happy holidaying!

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