Designer Spotlight: Hayley Menzies

Here at Stanwells we love finding exciting new brands that break away from the mould and that’s precisely why we love Hayley Menzies so much. Her collections are bursting with playful prints and bold colours, perfect for brightening up a dull winters day. To mark the arrival of the AW18 collection, we ventured up to Hayley’s beautiful Notting Hill bolthole to ask her a few questions about her life, work and inspirations. After meeting the whole team (including Hayley’s gorgeous cat, Mouse) we settled down on the cosy sofas adorned with stunning Emma Shipley cushions with a cup of tea and Mouse in tow….

Did you work in fashion before you started your own label?

I studied at LCF when I was 18 but quit as London life was far too exciting to be stuck in a classroom! Before starting my label I had a party planning company which was super creative.

Do you find the time to get a good work/life balance?

NO!! Just as well I love what I do hey… I do practice yoga and go to the gym a few times a week which keeps me sane.

If so, what would your dream off-duty day comprise of?

Yoga and hours in a beauty salon being pampered and massaged.

Who are your favourite designers and why?

Alessandro Michele for Gucci – I love how Gucci has shaped fashion these past few years with the more is more concept! And I love new upcoming brands like The Vampires Wife.

Where do you get your inspiration…did you take a trip ‘way out west’ before you were inspired to do your Autumn collection?

I travel a lot, and a road trip west is on my list… I just transported myself there whilst daydreaming!

Why have you based yourself in Notting Hill, do you think that’s where you would find the typical Hayley Menzies girl?

I’ve lived all over London but Notting Hill is where I feel most at home. It has a creative spirit and is full of colourful characters.

Which fashion bloggers do you love to see in your clothes?

Soraya Bakhtiar, Bettina Looney and most recently Millie Macintosh and Zara Martin… also Kat Farmer from blog Does My Bum Look 40 is fab.

Which is your favourite fashion capital: London, Paris, New York or Milan and why?

I love New York so much and could live there… just waiting for a hot man to marry so I can get a Green Card! Paris I adore during Fashion Week… everyone looks so chic.

You seem very hands on and in touch with the team you work with, is this how you see the Hayley Menzies brand in 10 years time?

Haha… well I hope to be spending more time on design and less on admin and production. Id always like to be hands on in sales as I love meeting buyers.

Who stocks your brand outside of the UK at the moment?

Harvey Nichols, Shop Bop, Anthropology and various amazing independent boutiques.

Which celebrity would you most like to dress and why?

Sounds old, but I still adore Kate Moss and would literally die if she wore something from my collection.

What’s next for Hayley Menzies in life and in work?

What life? Workwise I’d like to design another couple of collections a year and further develop my own retail business. Personal life… I’d love to meet my Prince Charming and take more holidays!

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