Denim Edit: Find The Perfect Fit For You

Finding the perfect pair of women’s jeans to fit your shape can be a real struggle. But when you DO find it, the right denim is wonderfully flattering, forgiving and comfortable, and the perfect fit is out there waiting for you.

Here we’ll help you find that perfect fit by matching your body type to the various jean styles and cuts available. Find the shape that most closely resembles your body below and see which styles are best suited to you:

Hourglass Figure

Your Perfect Jean: High Rise Slim/Cigarette
You share a body shape with: Scarlett Johansson and Kelly Brook

Ladies with the sought-after hourglass or curvy figure tend to have a large chest, small waist and a shapely lower half. The perfect jeans for this oh-so-womanly shape are the styles that draw attention to the narrowest parts of your body, and the waist in particular. This is why a high rise style with a stretch waist and slim leg is your ideal denim style, as it pulls you in at the waist, minimises the tum and gives the legs an elongated and proportionate shape. Your biggest friend is also the darker wash, which helps lengthen the legs even more and create a super flattering shape.

Citizens of Humanity is a brand well-known for its curve-flattering denim cuts, and the Cara High Rise jean is particularly perfect for all you hourglass ladies out there.

Cara High Rise in Darkness

Straight Figure

Your Perfect Jean: Low Rise Skinny
You share a body shape with: Keira Knightly and Cameron Diaz

Straight (also known as rectangle or boyish) figures are characterised by hips, waist and shoulders of roughly the same width. The great news here is that ladies with straight figures can pull of almost all jean styles and cuts (you lucky things), but the best styles are the ones that will add shape. Low to mid-rise waists are best as they will draw attention to your hips rather than your waist, while a skinny leg works to do the same thing by minimising the straight up and down look. You can wear almost any jeans, however we would suggest avoiding high-waisted styles, as you may find you don’t have much of a waist for the band to sit in.

The AG Jeans Legging Ankle Super Skinny jeans from our range is the perfect style for you, with a low to mid-rise waist and super skinny leg to accentuate your elegant shape in all the right places.

The Legging Ankle Super Skinny

Pear Shaped Figure

Your Perfect Jean: High-waisted Flares or Wide Leg
You share a body shape with: Rihanna and Beyoncé

A pear shaped figure  – the most common female figure in the world – generally boasts a fabulous tiny waist, wider hips and narrower shoulders, forming an upwards-pointing triangle. You lucky ladies want to aim for the high waisted styles of denim, particularly those with flared or wide leg fits. These will cinch in your waist, while the wider leg will skim over your hips and great a beautifully proportioned silhouette. Darker washes are also great for streamlining your figure, so aim for indigo and black jeans if you can. The main style for you to avoid is the low rise waist, as this can pinch your hips and make your legs appear shorter.  

There are lots of high waisted bootcut, wide leg and flared styles of women’s jeans out there, but none are as fabulous as these embroidered wide leg designer jeans from Intropia. These beauties are guaranteed to add a splash of colour and figure-flattery to your new season wardrobe.

Embroidered Trim Wide Leg Jeans

Apple Shaped Figure

Your Perfect Jean: Low to Mid Rise Straight Leg
You share a body shape with: Jennifer Hudson and Catherine Zeta-Jones

Apple-shaped figures tend to have lovely slim legs, a smaller behind and a little extra around the middle. Stunning celebs like Catherine Zeta-Jones and Jennifer Hudson carry the apple shape with serious style, and it’s easily done with the right denim. You want to aim for jeans with a low to mid rise waistband, preferably with a little extra stretch to keep anything from cutting in, while sticking a straight or slim leg to accentuate those lovely pins of yours. Avoid anything with flares, as these have a tendency to create an odd looking silhouette with apple figures.

Try the Runaround Sue Stallion style from top women’s designer jeans label, Parker Smith, and create a super flattering shape with the comfy stretch denim and slim leg.

Runaround Sue in Stallion

And what about tall and petite?

All of the above shapes can come in taller and more petite packages, which can complicate matters when trying to find jeans of the right length as well as shape. But never fear, there are always ways around it. If you have a petite frame with shorter legs, aim for the high-waisted styles with a skinny fit to elongate your legs. And, if you can’t find shorter leg lengths, a pair of cropped jeans with DIY turn-ups is always a good look.

If you have super long pins to dress, then the advice is more or less the exact opposite. Aim for low rise waistbands with tapered cigarette leg styles. Denim washes with shading on the thighs are also effective for adding shape and dimension.

After all is said and done, it’s all about finding the style that makes you feel good. There are no hard and fast rules, so check out our full collection of designer jeans for women and find the fit that works for you.


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