Brand of the Month: Perseverance London

Perseverance London

The moment we laid eyes on the latest collection from Perseverance London we began a lace love affair that we know will last forever.

Kicking off its debut collection in SS16, this budding boutique brand is already making a name for itself in the industry, turning heads left, right and centre. Its creator, Eudald Luis, envisioned a clothing line with a tough, modern attitude, and ultimately created a brand that reimagines what it means to be feminine.

One look at any collection of clothing by Perseverance London will tell you that it’s all about the lace.  Absolutely every single piece from our new collection of women’s Perseverance London dresses, blouses and skirts combines exquisite, intricate lacework with luxury fabrics and victorian-inspired styling, creating a unique aesthetic already adored by women across the world.

As you can tell, we’ve fallen head over heels for this entire collection, but we’ve somehow managed to narrow it down to four favourite pieces to show you today.

Perseverance London Lace Body in Burgundy

Perfect for updating your weekend wardrobe in time for New Year, this irresistible lace body in burgundy is a total gem. With that delicate paisley lace bodice, ruffled cuffs and soft neckline it’s impossible not to fall in love with this unique piece. The design is brought together with luxurious velvet neck ties, lifting the burgundy colour still further and adding an extra level of detailing. Match it up with a pair of black wide leg pants for an effortless smart casual look, perfect for evenings out and sophisticated parties. Tempted?

Perseverance London Mix Print Paisley Skirt

If you’re a sucker for a good print (like we are) then this skirt was made for you. The Perseverance London mix print paisley skirt has not one, but two beautiful prints, layered in alternating bands to create this elegant, ruffled design. Combined with the brand’s signature, intricate lacework, this layered skirt creates a floaty yet dramatic look; perfect for an evening outfit. Pair it with long boots and the Perseverance London lace body in black to complete the look. Find it in your size here.

Perseverance London Lace Contrast Tie Blouse

It’s rare to find a piece of clothing that you can take from the office right through to a classy evening out without breaking stride. Yet here it is; say hello to the Perseverance London lace blouse, with its contrasting black pussy bow. This blouse is pure elegance incarnate, with that crisp, white lace ruffle detailing around the shoulders, body and cuffs giving movement and flow to the design. Wear it tucked into black wide leg pants for a powerful office look, or with a long, black skirt for incredible evening elegance. 

Perseverance London Petrol Blue Floral Applique Pleated Dress

We love every single one of the women’s Perseverance London dresses in our collection, but we just had to show you this one in particular. The floral applique pleated dress is a real thing of beauty, with those elegant pleated kimono sleeves and wonderful pleated skirt, which flatters the figure and creates graceful movement. But the real star of the show here is that stunning floral applique design across the body. The intricate design blends into the beautiful petrol blue colour, but stands out just enough to create a unique, shimmering effect. Match up with your favourite high heels for an instant party-ready look that’s guaranteed to turn heads. It’s waiting for you here.

If, like us, you’re utterly sold on this stunning brand, you can view our entire Perseverance London collection and pick your own lacy favourites for the season.

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