Brand of the Month: Parajumpers

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We love a brand with a story and this one is truly fascinating. It began with a chance meeting between Parajumpers’ creator, Massimo Rossetti, and a serving member of the 210th Rescue Squadron in an Alaskan bar. Aside from sounding like the opening scene of a great movie, this is also where Rossetti found his inspiration for the Parajumpers clothing line.

The brave souls serving in the 210th Rescue Squadron are trained and highly experienced in the most dangerous, extreme rescues and recoveries in the world’s wildest environments. Known as the Parajumpers, or the PJs for short, they scale cliffs, traverse rough oceans and battle extreme weather to reach and rescue people in danger, saving hundreds of lives every year. It follows then, that they need clothing that can both protect them from the elements and withstand the rigorous tests these wild environments pose.

Enter Parajumpers, Massimo Rossetti’s inspired clothing line. Though they are primarily created for us everyday folk, every item of outerwear made by Parajumpers is crafted with the 210th Rescue Squadron’s activities in mind. Famous for its highly fashionable and functional parkas, Parajumpers clothing is crafted with precision and many technical components, making them extremely hardwearing and perfect for withstanding extreme low temperatures and bad weather.

Here are just a handful of our absolute favourite Parajumpers parkas and coats that have recently landed in our winter collection:


Parajumpers Juliet Black Quilted Jacket

Juliet Quilted Jacket

If you’re not into the traditional long design of the parka, this jacket is the perfect solution. The Juliet quilted jacket is one of Parajumpers’ most popular designs, and we can see why. We love the fitted style and lightweight feel, which makes this jacket perfect for autumn, spring and even the milder winter days. The hood and elasticated cuffs provide extra protection from the cold, wind and rain, and the padded, quilted design is bang on trend this season, so this is a top choice if you’re in the market for a new coat. It’s waiting for you right here.

Parajumpers Kodiak Dark Red Parka

Kodiak Parka 

Be bold this winter with this incredible deep red Kodiak parka, the bestselling Parajumpers parka design. If it’s cosy warmth you’re after then this is the coat for you, as the Kodiak comes with a super cosy detachable real fur lining and hood. And when you add the water and wind resistant nylon Oxford coating into the mix, you end up with the ultimate winter coat, perfect for exploring the wilderness in all weathers. And who wouldn’t love that stunning colour?   

Parajumpers Angie Grey Down Coat

Angie Down Coat

If you love Parajumpers parkas but you’re looking for something a little more understated, this sleek grey Angie coat has your name all over it. It’s slim fitting so it will certainly tick the figure-flattering style box, while that gorgeous detachable fur-lined hood adds lots of glamour as well as practical protection from the cold. Like the Kodiak, the Angie coat is also waterproof, and is lined with insulating down for wonderful warmth in even the coldest temperatures. The muted deep grey shade makes this coat easy to wear with practically any outfit, and the classic parka design will keep you looking bang on trend all season long. 

We feel sure that you now share our crush on this amazing brand, not only for its fascinating back story but for its ‘I need that now’ designs. You can view our full range of women’s parajumpers coats and parkas here.

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