Brand of the Month: Moose Knuckles

It’s brand of the month time! This month, as we head deeper into autumn towards winter, we’ve chosen Canadian brand, Moose Knuckles, and you’re about to see why.

Moose Knuckles

All you movers and shakers and disruptors out there, Moose Knuckles is designed especially for you. That’s according to the brand’s creative director, Steph Hoff – and we concur.

Yes, Moose Knuckles Canada is the exciting premium outerwear label that everyone wants to wear this season, and as we’ve been spending the day getting up close and cosy with the latest collection, we can certainly see the attraction.

What we love so much about this brand, apart from its amazing products, is its infectious personality. It’s certainly not a shy one, with its name, logo and even its advertising campaigns loaded with giggle-worthy innuendo. Since Moose Knuckles was launched in Toronto in 2007, it has set itself apart from other outerwear brands and made a name for itself as the irresistible luxury label that nobody really needs, but that everybody really really wants.

Show Us The Clothes

With the weather rapidly cooling off, what could be better than a cosy, expertly tailored coat designed to keep you toasty warm? Once you zip them up you’re in fur-trimmed heaven, and no other coat will do. We love every single coat this brand makes, but here are our absolute favourite Moose Knuckles parkas and coats from the latest collection.

Moose Knuckles Debbie Bomber Jacket

Discover that fur-trimmed heaven we were just talking about with the Debbie bomber jacket from Moose Knuckles. The jacket comes in other colours including a cool granite grey, but this vivid red is hands down our favourite shade. We love the way the red contrasts with the jet black, super soft fur trim on the detachable hood, and the bouncy fur pom pom pull cords. The waist and cuffs are elasticated to seal out the chilly air and provide the perfect snug fit, while the main waterproof coat is embellished with quality metal hardware, including the iconic Moose Knuckles logo on the sleeve. Pair up with your favourite skinny jeans and sturdy winter boots to create a luxury outdoor look perfect for any weather this season can throw at you.

Moose Knuckles Stirling Parka

Everyone loves a classic parka, but this one is rather special. The Stirling is Moose Knuckles’ best selling parka, and it’s obvious why. Once again, this coat comes in other colours including olive, navy and grey, but we fell in love with this bright white version as soon as we saw it. The striking monochrome design with the same fur-lined hood and pom pom pull cords of the Debbie design, creates a classic winter look that’s just as practical as it is pretty. Their 80/20 down filling makes the Moose Knuckles parkas able to withstand the most extreme cold weather, so you can feel sure that this coat will see you through the winter no matter what. Slip this coat on over any outfit, daytime or evening, and just wait for the compliments to pour in. 

Moose Knuckles Rosedale Quilted Jacket

Looking for the perfect autumn coat? This is the one. The Rosedale quilted bomber jacket gives you all the warmth you need for the autumn months in a much more lightweight design. We love the way the stretchy Flex Core fabric, ribbed elasticated sides and cuffs keep the coat fitted perfectly to your body shape, creating a casual, tailored look. The classic bomber style works perfectly with jeans and ankle boots, with the black colour ensuring it will harmonise with any colour scheme. The Rosedale is the ultimate ‘day out’ coat, and is just as much at home on a mountain hike as it is on the high street.

Moose Knuckles Rockcliffe Quilted Coat

For all you active and outdoorsy folks, this is your new favourite coat. Like the Rosedale, the Rockcliffe quilted coat from Moose Knuckles Canada is a little more lightweight than the parkas, and is perfect for hikers, gym-goers and day-to-day shoppers looking to stay warm-but-not-too-warm. The Rockcliffe is waterproof and comes with that all-important hood to protect you from the UK’s persistent autumn showers, while the Flex Core stretch fabric provides ease of movement with the perfect fit. Wear this over any casual outfit and be prepared for it to become your go-to everyday accessory.

Are you a Moose Knuckles convert now? We most certainly are. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the range, as well as our wider collection of cosy coats and gilets and stylish designer jackets to make sure you’ve got the perfect outerwear options for all occasions.


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