A Day in the Life of a Fashion Blogger

We’ve been lucky enough to speak to Amber Smith, author of the fabulous fashion & lifestyle blog Style and Shimmer this week to get a better understanding of what it’s really like to pursue a career as a blogger. From product release events to photography tips, Amber has let us in on her daily routine as well as her favourite AW18 trends that we will no doubt be seeing on her blog and Instagram soon!

So without further ado, let’s hear what Amber had to say…

No day is the same for me as I’m always doing lots of different things, but looking at a typical working day for my blog, Style and Shimmer, it would look like this…

I tend to set my alarm for around 7 am and always scroll through Instagram first thing! I never really plan my outfit the day before unless there is an event, so its really fun to look for inspiration through my favourite accounts.

I very rarely go to the gym in the morning; I would love to but I’d much rather the extra time in bed, if I’m honest!

Often I go to blogger breakfasts or brunches for new product releases which I love doing, and I like to make an effort for this. Recently with the transitional period, I’ve been loving wearing a blazer with a dress or a skirt and bare legs for a smart/casual look. I am looking forward to getting my boots and cosy knits out soon though, as well as experimenting with the AW18 trends. I am loving all the leopard, leather and pleats. I’ll also definitely be investing in something silver for Christmas parties!

I take my laptop everywhere with me, so if I wasn’t coming home to work from my office then I would usually head to my friends house where we work together for the day. I really enjoy doing this as I find working with people who have similar goals really motivating, and bouncing ideas of each other always helps creative thinking…

With regards to taking my photos, I always get either my Mum, sister or a friend to take them for me. I feel most comfortable this way as they know me best and we can just mess around and be silly until I get a few that I like. I take them on my iPhone and then edit on apps – VSCO and Snapseed. I would say for me, the best time to take photos is in the afternoon because the light is best and I find it hard to concentrate for more than a few hours at a time, so it breaks up the day nicely!

Once I have the photos, I narrow them down, edit them how I like, always using the same filter which is A5 on VSCO and then I put them into the Later app. This is so helpful because it allows you to preview how your Instagram feed will look before publishing. One thing that I have learnt works well for me, is to have a theme running through e.g certain colours.

I also work freelance in styling, hair and makeup for private clients so depending on if I have any appointments or not in the evenings, I love going for dinner and drinks with the girls and having a good catch up! Either this, or a shopping trip, even if its just window shopping for more inspiration!! My favourite brands are the likes of ASH, IRO, Jerome Dreyfuss, Chinti & Parker and Emma J Shipley for designer treats, but day to day I am a Zara and Mango girl too!

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